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In honor of my reinvigorated coaching and breathwork healing practice, and my new website at, I am offering all of you lovely folks a discounted breathwork or coaching session.

David Elliott's breathwork is a remarkable healing collaboration in which you, the client, breathe in a special pattern that I teach you, and I support and guide your experience as you enter an altered state and access your own inner power and wisdom. Some clients even feel they've accessed the infinite or felt the presence of God. I can't say what you'll feel, but I do know that everyone gets up from the mat clearer, lighter, and full of vitality. Try a session for only $40--that's $20 off the usual introductory rate, and $50 off the usual rate per session!

Deep End Coaching focuses on clarifying and owning your desires as the key to taking responsibility for making your life work. Really knowing what you want can give you power and motivation you didn't know you had. Contact me at rebecca (at) for a complimentary 20-minute goal-setting session, and if we decide to move on, I'll give you $20 off one session, or $10 off a series.

Please take a look at my website if you're interested or you think you might know someone who is. You owe it to yourself to access your full power, and put yourself to work at attaining your goals!


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